A short review of the 6th ICYS

On 29th September, BIFID has proudly hosted the 6th International Congress of Young Scientists at the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht in Berlin. Participants from 11 different countries, representing students, business people and scientists, learned about and contributed their perspectives to 5 speeches on Digitalization.


Starting with Digital Analytics, Gunther Nowy elaborated on the social market value of German Soccer Players through their presence in social media. This was followed by a viewpoint on the possible future of intangible assets as “fourth production factor” – a study which focused on the impact of R&D expenditures on shareholder value of more than 300 CADX companies – given by Dr. Jan Peter Firnges. The short lunch break was followed by a presentation on Digitalization to integrate Procurement and Sales Management along the value chain, kindly given to us by Anita Sangl. Afterward Prof. Dr. Martin Užik spoke about changes within Digital Infrastructure and Regulations, with respect to the DSGVO. He showed calculations and examples how this might and will affect companies across Europe, especially on sanctions. The key message is: Better be prepared! The last presentation was given by Christian Wilton on Digital Politics, in light of digital campaigning, fake news and e-participation. He introduced to us cost aspects, new techniques and technologies. We got an insight into party campaigning, artificial learning, mass influences and its management. This exciting series of speeches was concluded by a wrap up by Prof. Dr. Užik.


A special thanks to our staff, Sascha Eikelmann, Sebastian Block, Gamaal Hisin and Victor Balluch. Another special thanks to the people who travelled far to attend the conference and even more for the participation and input. Last but not least, a special thanks to BETTERTRUST GmbH and e.bootis AG for sponsoring food and drinks during the breaks.


Participants can download all the presentations and some pictures taken at the conference via the QR-Code provided on the giveaway.


The BIFID is currently scheduling a new conference for 2018.


Prof. Dr. Martin Užik                   Dr. Jan Peter Firnges

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