Facilitating research for the digital age

The BIFID Science DAO was born out of the idea to create a self sustaining ecosystem that facilitates research and projects in the DLT space.

The Ecosystem will support projects & research in the DLT space. We aim to improve the world through the exciting economic and social opportunities enabled by Tokenization, DEFI and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

The mission of the BIFID Science DAO is to enable research and incubate innovative projects in the DLT space that have a lasting positive impact on society. DLT technology has brought and promises to bring more advancements in personal autonomy, financial freedom, privacy, and censorship resistance. Many technological advancements in recent decades have the potential to usher in a dystopian future in which corporations and nation-states can control and surveil the populace like never before. Advancements in cryptography, decentralization, and trustlessness are opposing those trends, and it is our mission to support advancements in those areas. We also see it as our mission to advance and share knowledge about the improvements in the DLT space, so more people can benefit from these advancements. This is why we chose a dual mission to pursue both further research and the development of new projects.

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