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As a nonprofit-association our financial resources are not unlimited. Our Institute is mainly funded by memberships fees and donations. We sincerely invite you to assist us according to your perception if we convinced you with our philosophy and work. Every donation will directly assist our work at the institute and thus will further our research progress.

As a supporter of BIFID you are invited on a regular basis to our speeches and conferences, which cover recent works, topics and developments of the institute. In addition, you can profit from our exclusive information and research results. Naturally every donator will receive a contribution receipt. If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to get in touch with our contact person.

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    We answer the most important questions

    Why donate?

    There is a list of motives, why people or organizations donate: Most motives are rather personal or driven by emotions or it’s the incentive to give back to society.

    Of course saving on taxes or cultivations of one’s image – here is a list of motives for donating that also apply to BIFID e.V.:

    • Someone requested me to donate
    • A story was moving
    • I can relate to a certain group or organization
    • I have, to save on taxes
    • I was raised that way, donating is a part of my tradition
    • I want to be hip
    • I want to expand my social network and be connected to other people via a good cause
    • I feel privileged and want to give back to society
    • I want to be seen, as an ideal

    It will be a mix of motives for many of us.

    For which reason or why do I stand for giving back.

    Because in my picture of an ideal society, people have each-others backs – besides all sense of meaning it’s just cool

    What are the advantages of donating?

    Donation can be special expenses as defined by the Income Tax Act.


    Around three to six billion Euro are donated to 600.000 associations and 15.000 foundations in Germany. The exact amount of money donated in Germany is unknown.


    The amount of money donated by private households goes mostly to humanitarian assistance (2013: 79%). Less than 10% each are going to animal & environmental protection and care and preservation of ancient monuments.


    According to studies of the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB) Germans who are part of associations or unions donate more often than others. That’s partly because Germans view donations as a replacement for a missing voluntary job. Wealthier people donate more often than the average citizen, but the amount of money donated is proportionately lower to their yearly net income compared to the average.

    How do I get a contribution receipt?

    Simple proof

    A simple proof will be enough for single donations up to 200 Euro.


    An accounting voucher will be enough for grants up to 200 Euro, BIFID e.V. will deliver a confirmation for receiving the grants via Email.


    Important: On the accounting voucher your name and account number as well as the account number of BIFID, plus the amount of grants and the date of booking, should be clearly visible


    Official contribution receipt

    If you want to donate more than 200 Euro you will receive an official contribution receipt for your annual tax declaration, which you can show your fiscal authorities.


    This type of contribution receipt will be send via postal mail as soon as we received the donation.


    Important: If you donated via credit transfer you should mention your contact details in the “note to payee”. Otherwise we wouldn’t know to whom we should address the official contribution receipt.


    Details for frequent donators

    For frequent money contributions, you will receive an accumulative confirmation at the end of the year that includes every donation made during the year.