Recently Supervised Thesis

Here you can find already completed theses of other students and PhD students

  • Africa – A fundamental analysis of the common stock exchanges
  • “An Attempt to Outperform the Market – A Comparative Performance Analysis Between Actively and Passively Managed Funds in Germany”
  • An Empirical Analysis of the Relation between Present Value of Growth Opportunites and Brand Value among Global Brand Companies
  • An Outlook on the Application of DLT in Commercial Banking
  • Are robo advisories the successor of traditional investment funds?
  • Digitalisierung von Produktionsprozessen – Herausforderungen und aktuelle Entwicklungen in deutschen produzierenden KMU
  • Distributed Ledger Technology in Securitization of Assets
  • Empirical Comperative Analysis between green and non-green exchange funds
  • Long and short term effects of black swan events with focus on infectious diseases, natural catastrophes and terror attacks on the stock market
  • Regulation of Bitcoin´s within the EU
  • Reversion to the Mean during Unforeseen Circumstances – An International Analysis of the Bollinger Bands Investment Theory during the Corona Virus
  • The Fintech ecosystem in Germany: strategic implications for market development
  • The impact of capital structure on the growth of startup´s
  • The role and importance of external audit for Polish companies
  • Transformation of conventional Banking. Opportunities and risks of Fintech companies in Asset Management
  • Triple-entry accounting (powered by Blockchain) as a means to optimise, automate and ensure transparency of financial reporting
  • Valuation of a Doctor’s Office According to the Modified Capitalized Earnings Method