Innovative partnership between BIFID and

The “Berlin Institute of Finance, Innovation and Digitalization e. V. (BIFID)” and the consulting portal have announced their strategic partnership. The cooperation represents a decisive step forward in the digitalization of sports clubs and aims to strengthen them in the digital era, increase their efficiency and make them fit for the future.

The partnership between BIFID and marks a milestone in the efforts of both organizations to explore and exploit the opportunities of digitalization in the sports sector. The increasing importance of technology and innovation in sport requires customized solutions to help sports clubs overcome their challenges. Together, the two partners are researching innovative tools, platforms and services that help sports clubs to optimize their processes, better retain members and exploit their financial potential.

Prof. Dr. Martin Užik, CEO of BIFID, emphasizes the importance of this partnership: “We are excited to work with to develop tailor-made digital solutions for sports clubs.” Marcel Johne, Managing Director of, adds: “This cooperation will have a significant impact on the future of sports clubs by opening up innovative ways to finance and retain members.”

A first step in the cooperation is the introduction of the FanFolio financing platform, which enables flexible and tailor-made financing of projects and fundraising for sports clubs.

Marcus Eichhorn, co-founder of, adds: “Of course, financing remains a pressing issue for sports clubs. The partnership with BIFID goes beyond financing and encompasses our entire range of consulting services for sports clubs, including sustainability and responsibility.”

Further details on joint research projects and results will be announced in the coming months.

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